About us

Advertising is all around us. Everywhere you look you will see advertising. When you open that app on your phone you get an ad... when you open any popular website you get accosted by pop-ups. You just can’t escape them.

Now it may sound odd to you that a company founded in advertising is criticizing advertising, right? Well, we agree with you. Our company is founded on the approach that when YOU are ready to explore an advertisement you can gather as much data from it readily and completely with a simple push of a button. We want to put you in control of your advertising experience.

Advertisers fear not! We developed this system to better connect with your clients. We want to make your connection with potential clients as available and reliable as possible. With targeted connections your company will not fall victim to a search engine response of another company other than yours.

Our goal is to provide a new point to point culture of advertising that provides targeted results.

Grab Ads is a small team of advertising experts (after all we’ve seen millions of ads in our lifetimes, and we think that should count for something), that is dedicated to improving the connections between businesses and the people looking for them.