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Our Advantages

  • Customers capture and retain your advertisement information.

  • Eliminates “Web Searching” for some similar sounding company/organization.

  • Customers can share your advertisement on social media.

  • Adaptable, dynamic advertising.

  • Smaller and less costly signage fields greater information.

  • Customer driven, non-invasive ad.

How It Works

The GRAB ADS System is comprised of two components, a free Mobile Application (App), and a Transmitter.

Signs with a GRAB ADS icon that are viewed by a customer are captured for them when they activate the App on their mobile device. The advertiser’s transmitter sends its data into the mobile app under the appropriate business category for later review.

Something Else

Your advertisement can now contain dramatically more information when displayed by the GRAB ADS app on a mobile device. Feel free to include as much supporting details and referrals as desired. Think BIG. The customer will see it all.

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