Our Advantages

  • Customers capture and retain your advertisement information.

    No need to hunt for pen and paper to jot down phone numbers or website addresses. The customer instantly grabs and saves your information into your selected file category. The customer will retrieve your ad from the category file along with your contact info, and website link, and other info.
  • Eliminates “Web Searching” for some similar sounding company / organization.

    Customers will go DIRECTLY to YOUR information. You will not lose customers due to their incomplete recall of your company name. Web searching for similar company names or products often leads them to a competitor or alternative. Why pay for sign advertisement when the competitor gets the business?
  • Customer driven, non-invasive advertising.

    Customers are not bombarded with ads from nearby locations based on previous shopping habits. Customers choose to receive your advertisement. They are asking specifically for you.
  • Customers can share your ad on social media.

    Increase exposure by customers sharing your ad through the popular social media sites.
  • Smaller and less costly signage fields greater information.

    No more need to compromise on what goes onto the sign. Simply get a customer’s attention, and the Grab Ads App will display EVERYTHING you want to convey. Your ad can contain Logos and pictures, Website links, text information, supporting icons such as Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, E-Bay... etc.
  • Adaptable,
    dynamic advertising.

    The advertisement displayed on the mobile device can be changed and customized as desired. Any contact information or details do not require a new or modified sign. Specialized short term offers or arrangements can be easily modified. Weekly specials or alternate locations can be changed instantly.