How It Works

The GRAB ADS System is comprised of two components, a Mobile Application (App), and a Transmitter.
The App is a free downloadable mobile app from the APP Store or Google Play. It will reside on customer’s smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets. It will be activated when a customer desires to capture a specific advertisement.

The Transmitter will broadcast a signal from the advertiser’s location, even if the location is mobile. The Transmitter will be sending a signal that can be received and decoded by the App on the customer’s smart device. This signal will broadcast 24/7/365, rain or shine.


When a customer sees an advertisement of interest, the smart device is activated by pressing the “GRAB ADS” Icon on the screen and starts the App. The App automatically searches for the GRAB ADS specific signal being broadcast from the advertiser’s transmitter. The App decodes the signal and ALL the information on the Ad Page is then sent back to the smart device. The App places the ad into a file under the advertiser’s chosen business category. The App notifies the customer that the advertisement was “Grabbed” and then deactivates.

The GRAB ADS Mobile App is freely downloaded to mobile devices. It can be placed on the device’s Home Page much like the Camera App and its Icon. The App has a one time opening “Welcome” page that describes the user’s side operations and registration?. The App is proprietary and responds only to the coded signals from active advertisers. The App contains the Category files for the returned advertisement to be placed under.

When requested, the App will display a listing of all categories containing newly grabbed advertisements. The categories will be opened to display the advertisers and ads that are stored within it. The App will display any active links to websites the ad, and can connect to them when selected. The ad file can be selectively saved or discarded as desired. Other categories can also be discarded if they are of no interest.

The App will not retain any files or advertisements that are not desired. An upgraded App will be available with additional options and functionality for a modest download fee, but the basic free App will provide all necessary functions and performance.

The transmitter for the specific advertiser will be one of several types. All types will function as required to broadcast the advertiser’s coded signal for reception by the mobile App. Signal strengths and ranges are comparable between the types. The transmitter and reception is coded to and unique to the mobile device.


The transmitter signal, like all radio waves, prefers line of sight for maximum range. Fewer obstructions to the signal are desired. The transmitter can be placed on the dashboard of a vehicle or mounted outside with a variety of methods. It can be mounted to any sign support or structure. The broadcast range is unaffected by weather.